Your clan members can contribute in those chests

  • The Backyard OSRS gold with the entering portal. In the Garden where you can find the portal there's a greeter. He's your servant enjoy servants in your POH. However, you have to purchase one from Ardougne too. Even in case you have a servant on your POH. In the guild you can't use the servants for your POH. You can only buy special guild servants.

    Just like POH servants, POG servants may ask you wages after an amount of time if you paid 5,000gp for him then you will need to pay the identical sum of money after some time. That means that you won't only pay their price for one time. More expensive servant takes will spend more time without even asking for the salary.

    Your clan members can contribute in those chests. The best part is that you can use them to your guilds needs. By way of instance, you need to pay your servant his wages, but don't have enough cash. You assess the donation chest and if there is enough cash you pay the servant.

    When you place the cash inside it turns into a Guild Coin. One Guild Coin is the same as one ordinary Gold Piece. You can just use the money for those guilds needs. That's why when you donate you can make sure the proprietor will not spend the money on some thing else such as armor, food or anything that he could use for himself. All of your donated money will be unable to help the guild. Here's what can you do with your Guild Rewards:

    Pay/Buy Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold Servant - For those who have enough Guild Coins you can pay your servant because of his services or purchase one from Ardounge.