He will tell you he doesn't believe you're worthy to become he

  • He will tell OSRS Items you he doesn't believe you're worthy to become hearing rumours from the dealers. Ask him how you're going to be able to let him tell you. He states he wants you to get him 3 types of furs: a bear fur, a common kebbit fur, and a feldip weasel fur. Once you've got those 3 furs, visit Bareak and give them to him.

    He'll tell you that the rumours are indeed true, which this time, the whole world of Gielinor is Zamouregal and Lucien's target. He'll tell you to deal with issue to King Roald. As soon as you've spoken with King Roald, he'll be shocked. He'll give you two orders, one is to alert the command guard, located on top of the palace. He will also provide you with a note to contribute to the memorial curator offering orders to give the Shield Of Arrav for you. You are instructed to select the shield into the Grand Tree and hide it one of the gnomes there.

    Once you've gone to the curator and obtained the defense, head over to the Grand Tree. Present yourself to King Narnode Shareen and state that you request his help. He will obviously assist you out and you give him the narrative. He takes the defense and hides it to you. He also teaches you to alert the gnome army in the Grand Tree and awake King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village to prepare for a battle.

    After this is completed, a cutscene will appear, revealing Lucien and Zamouregal plotting to take over Gielinor. Lucien said Buy RS 2007 Gold that he's raised an army of many zombies, and they are heading for the very first assault over Falador!