Path of Exile player duration increased by 17%

  • During the pandemic, Path of Exile players flocked to online action role-playing games, which is not surprising to Chris Wilson. Grinding Gear Games keeps refreshing player time records, and the Echoes of Atlas expansion pack brings more time than ever before. In Path of Exile, every player wants to get more POE Currency, because this is the main currency in the game.

    Path of Exile has increased player time by 17% in 2020, culminating in the echo of Atlas. Wilson said that compared to gardening or similar Pokémon collection experiments, players prefer to expand the emphasis on core path mechanics, that is, the traditional hone of killing monsters and getting better loot. In order to get more loot, players can purchase POE Currency to enhance the strength of the game.

    Wilson said in an interview: We occasionally try to mix it up. About a year ago, we hosted the Delirium League, which is one of these battle-focused leagues. And I suspect that the large-screen expansion is very suitable for diversity and does attract different types of gamers. We must ensure that the expansion pack has a very strong core combat power and reward content so that all players can enjoy them.

    Since New Zealand has blocked its borders and its citizens and government have complied with the COVID-19 protocol, the virus is almost non-existent there. So Wilson said that the staff of Grinding Gear have been able to work in the office and the sequel to Path of Exile.

    Wilson said: In the past 12 months, we have basically worked in the office 80% of the time, so when the government advises people to work from home, we work from home. At other times, unless there is an extenuating situation, such as people living with very vulnerable family members, etc., we will come to the office. If you are worried about the lack of POE Items in Path of Exile, then you can buy cheap POE Currency at POECurrency.