Is Luka Doncic the cover player of NBA 2K22?

  • Several reports indicate that Dallas Mavericks star Luka Duncic will be the cover player of the NBA 2K22 video game. According to Mavs Moneyball of the Dallas Mavericks, the cover first appeared on the Instant Gaming website, but was later deleted. The young NBA star walked to the rim in a blue Mavericks jersey. If you are also playing this game, then you can purchase NBA 2K22 MT from GameMS to improve your strength in the game.

    According to Sports Illustrated reports, there are also speculations that Dirk Nowitzki will become the cover star of the legendary version of the game (usually more expensive and more content). Every year, NBA 2K releases a new game with a regular cover and a legendary cover. For NBA 2K21, the game released three covers-one for the regular version (Damian Lillard), one for the regular version (Zion Williamson), and one for the legendary version (Kobe Bryant) .

    NBA 2K21 cover made history
    For NBA 2K21, Zion Williamson became the cover character, becoming the youngest NBA star on the cover. Before Williamson appeared on the cover, Chris Paul (NBA 2K8) and Anthony Davis (NBA 2K16) were the youngest players to appear on the cover of the annual NBA video game. If you want to have a strong cover athlete right from the beginning of the game, then you need a large amount of NBA 2K22 MT. You can buy the safe and cheap NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS.

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