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  • I think we should add pet puppies to Runescape. It would be a very simple thing to do, but as with cats, you need to require a search to acquire a puppy. Just like cats can catch mice and eat fish, dogs can catch those pointless squirells and racoons around Barbarian village RS 2007 Fire Cape. Dogs could also have some use for searching, like catching geese or something. The puppies would grow in stages like cats.puppydog (lazy) (overgrown) (searching, like wily for cats)should you think of any other stages, inform me and I will add it as soon as I can.

    Harold's dogs. Items needed: 12 boards, 45 nails, bolt of cloth, vial of water, bow, arrows, rope, and a weapon and armour. Start of by speaking to Harold outside his house in Yanille. (the one using all the piano for treasure trails)He'll tell you that he is searching for assistance seeing his dog for a few days while he is off on a trip.

    [conversation endings ] No, I still don't appear to have the moment. [continues dialog ] Yes, I can always help a fellow citizen. Thank you very much, I need you to see my dog while I am out on a visit to Karamja for some distinctive premium dog kibble. So, what do I have to do? To get started. . .actually wait here, I will go make a record of things I need you to do. *Harold magicly disappears and comes back a couple of seconds after * Here you go, be sure to do them when the need to become,'cause there is no sense wasting your own time.

    Go upstairs and search a crate to find some"dry kibble" your individual will automaticly state"I do not think she will want dry food." Walk her to Bert's house, down to the bar back down the road into the Wizard's Guild, and straight back to the home. At a random point on the walk, Pretzel with go to the setup a weapon, you want 5 planks and 15 nails. Use every plank on the floor that's marked and you will wind up using a weapon.

    To make a house, you will need 7 planks, two tiles from the wilderness, and 30 claws. Utilize a board with the claws in your stock, and you'll get an unroffed dog house. Then use a tile onto it and you will have a dog house.Use it on the fence and your character will place it in the corner of their lawn Buy OSRS Gold, the last step to creating a dog house is utilize a bolt of fabric on it to make a quilt.