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  • To remove Dream Logs, you will need Level 55 Magic. When you have degraded the dream log, this is done by using it with a Solarus Staff infernal cape osrs. After this, the staff is smashed into a dusty substance. You have 5 sets of Eclipse Logs. You can find the Nightmare Logs you need by applying the dust-like substance to your skin. Read the book and go back through the crack and out of the cave. To be able to use the Nightmare Log Process, you need to have level 70 woodcutting.

    This will be your beginning point, but you can customize it to take out the essential items and make it unsuitable to host a conflict. You can get up to 20 barricades 500 steps of field two fortresses, as well as 4 turrets. (remember, the amount of turrets you have can be transferred to your adversaries as well. ) You may also include secondary portals in this area, but they must be at least 50 feet of the other person's portal. You can only have 4 portals TOTAL. Barricades and turrets cannot be placed in certain areas.

    Meetings can also be called for clan events, strategy or parties. In this case. The name you'll be given is just as you could be called in war. To exit, you must enter through the portals. You can choose from five landscapes to fight on that include desolate (broken Turrain and burned trees) as well as desert (sandy with cactus), green (blooming field with trees) and fake landscape (red terrain totally faked with barricades) and castle (tiles with huge collums, or pillars), and castle. The area you fight on will be enclosed by a wall of castles matching your fortress and is shaped like Yanille.

    You can choose different styles for your fortress and turrets. White, (like white knight's castle) brown (brown and rusty) black (black and gray) blue (celeboratory white banners, white flags and such and a lovely mithril blue) red (a bloody red that matches the scenery OSRS Fire Cape for sale, with blood stains on some of the walls) origanal (steel with steel pillars, white turrets, and) and orange-yellow( an orangy-yellow color with red banners and orange turrets.)