The most rewarding part of NBA 2K is in the MyCareer route

  • That functionality appears like its own worthy of a Pink Diamond, at the least. Also, the day after Jordan enrolled the triple-double against the Warriors mt 2k22, he also scored his second-most points at a single regular-season game against a rookie Shaquille O'Neal, former Bulls head coach Scott Skiles and the Orlando Magic. On the next half of a back-to-back, Jordan had 64 points, but the Bulls dropped the match in overtime 128-124.

    NBA 2K20's MyTeam started a new series of cards on Wednesday called Career Highlights. Notice, I say"opportunity" because you are going to have to get the ball fall in the right slot on the trophy board to acquire the card. I managed to acquire the Jordan cardbut you should be aware of, you need to be lucky as the winning slots are the two furthest on every side of the board.

    You're more apt to get 2,000 MT or 10 tokens, which isn't a bad consolation prize and may be more valuable to your group at this point when many people have lineups which are too fantastic to find a spot for a Diamond card, even an MJ. However, if you're home, like most people, and are only getting started with your MyTeam journey.

    This is a card that can do a little work for you against a number of the better squads. Prior to the release of the MJ card, there was another Diamond MJ that was part of the very first Flash Pack series, an Amethyst MJ as a part of the Multi-Dimensional series buy mt nba 2k22, then there was the amazing Galaxy Opal version that was arguably the highlight of this all-star Flash set in February.