Think about how many runescape players left to play other MMORP

  • It was said that high-level monsters must be defeated in the wild arena. Is it difficult to defeat this monster at my lvl 74? Do you have any suggestions on how I can earn money OSRS Fire Cape? Where are the best places to study combat lvls? What can I do can I increase my skill?

    What cape should you get? It takes time to get a Skill cape. To get a Firecape you'll need a high level of skill and plenty of cash. I can make/buy Ppots. I have 100 Sharks. I have enough cash to buy crossbows and Guthan's as well as some bolts. I've got 6 days until X'Mas break, so I have around 134 hours left to finish the fire cape.

    My aim at skill cape is Woodcutting/Fletching/Cooking. Fletching, Cooking, and Woodcutting are my highest abilities, however they require a lot of time. Although I have a decent amount of money, I would prefer to not spend 1m if it doesn't bring me any value ( Guthan's, crossbow and other pots are able to be sold, used for later use, or sold separately).

    I've left out a few but these are skills of members. What is the optimal distance between defense and attack strength levels? I discovered that the most effective method to defend and attack is to be equal, and strength is about 15 more. What are your thoughts? In the current market that is all,i am tempted to give up on earning money for awhile and i would like to improve my combat skills and other abilities up, therefore my question is RS Gold Buy, what skill should i go for?