Use Of Perfluoro(4-methyl-2-pentene) lhf-2000

  •   sulfuryl fluoride fumigant, also known as fumigant, is a gaseous fumigant. It has the following characteristics.

      (1) Strong diffusion and penetration ability. The natural vapor pressure of liquid sulfuryl fluoride is very high. Its vapor pressure at -5°C is 3 times higher than that of methyl bromide at 40°C, so it is easy to diffuse and permeate, and its diffusion and permeability ability is 5-9 times higher than that of olfactory methane.

      (2) It is easy to desorb (that is, the medicine adsorbed on the fumigated material is removed by ventilation, and does not remain). Generally, it is difficult to detect the medicine after 8-12 hours of air dissipating after fumigation.

      (3) Does not affect the germination of seeds and the color of the fumigated items. Low phytotoxicity, and will not affect the germination rate of fumigated wheat, rice, broad beans, rapeseed, etc. Because it does not affect the color of the smoked items, it can be used for fumigation and insecticide of textiles, clothes, historical archives and books.

      (4) Sulfuryl fluoride has a very low boiling point (-55. 2°C) and is easy to gasify. It is very convenient to use even in the northern cold season.

      (5)  Perfluoro(4-Methyl-2-pentene) LHF-2000 has high residues in high-protein and ester-containing substances, so it has not been allowed to be used for fumigation of grains and foods.