Heptafluoropropane Hfc-227Ea Is Well Used

  • This will lead us to the next thing you should know about the structure sulfuryl fluoride fumigant. During this process, the gas will seep into all the cracks and crevices in your home. This needs to happen so that the process is as thorough and effective as possible. If you already have some structurally damaged or rotting wood, then the gas will penetrate all the nooks and crevices created by the pests to eliminate them.

    Is your applicator certified?
    Because it is colorless, odorless and highly toxic, sulfuryl fluoride is listed as a restricted pesticide by the EPA. Therefore, personnel performing fumigation and gas use need to be certified. They should be trained in the proper handling of fumigants and fumigation equipment.

    Air monitoring
    After Heptafluoropropane HFC-227EA is completed, your house will be ventilated. The applicator needs to inspect the house to ensure that the air is safe, and then you can return to the house and get everything back to normal. The main thing to note here is the sulfuryl fluoride content in your home. They must be less than one part per million. Once your certified applicator completes this check, you are free to grab your pet and fresh fruit and get back inside!