How Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigant Has Better Results

  •   1. The gas is non-toxic and harmless: it is well known that Heptafluoropropane HFC-227EA is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic gas, which is harmless to the human body under a wide range of use. Therefore, the use of cabinet-type heptafluoropropane can ensure the safety of consumers while extinguishing the fire.

    1. More green and environmentally friendly: There are a lot of dust in the use of traditional fire extinguishers, so it may cause certain pollution, and the durable cabinet-type heptafluoropropane will not leave any residue after the fire is extinguished, so it is important for the protected items Without any damage, this unique performance also presents a more green and environmentally friendly effect, ensuring that consumers can use cabinet heptafluoropropane to ensure safety and ensure that the environment is not polluted.
    2. Better realization of fire extinguishing effect: First, the professional cabinet-type heptafluoropropane on the market can quickly diffuse during use, so the safety of the protection area equipment can be ensured to a greater extent during the fire extinguishing process. In use, especially in the protection areas of some valuable and confidential items, such as the use of power distribution rooms and data files, sulfuryl fluoride fumigant can have a better fire extinguishing effect.