The best guide to getting a Netherdrake mount in TBC Classic

  • TBC Classic has been officially released globally in early June. Players can use the flying mount in Outland after meeting certain conditions. The Netherdrake mount is currently the most attractive to players. The flying mount looks very beautiful, but it is difficult to obtain. Players must pass the gaining reputation in Shadowmoon Valley and complete a questline to get the mount.
    Of course, the Netherdrake mount has not been officially opened to players. It will be unlocked in the later stage of TBC Classic, but in order to meet these requirements more easily, you can now start working on your WOW TBC Classic Gold reputation with the Netherwing faction. First, you need to prepare 5000 gold to buy epic flight skills, there's also the cost of the mount and previous flight skills to consider, so we recommend getting started early. If you feel that you are short of time, I recommend you to buy TBC Classic Gold at MMOWTS. Then you need to pick a faction in Shattrath.

    You need to meet the prerequisites to start the Netherdrake mount questline
    First, your character must be in the Burning Crusade Classic server and reach level 70 to complete the Netherwing quests. If your character is still on the Classic Era server, you will never be able to use flying skills.
    Not only that, you also need to master basic flying skills in advance and buy a common flying mount, because the questline is provided by a dragon named Neltharaku, and this dragon has been hovering above the valley, you need to fly to talk to him . In the future, you will also need to use flying skills to go to Netherwing Ledge, where all the daily tasks will be opened. You'll need epic flying skill (skill level 300) to realistically compete in the races that reward faction. To ride the mount when you get it, you'll also need epic flying (which costs 5000 gold).
    In order to finish the one-time quest lines offered on Netherwing Ledge, you will need to have declared a faction (Aldor or Scryers) in Shattrath, as one quest requires you defend the base of your chosen faction in Shadowmoon Valley. Not sure which one to pick? MMOWTS will provide a guide to help you solve your doubts.
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    How to gain Netherwing reputation in WoW Classic server
    First you should visit Mordenai in Shadowmoon Valley, where the reputation quests started. After the latest patch was released, players can see Mordenai wandering around in an area with rock flayers and orcs in the far southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley, the specific location of the TBC Classic Gold area is between the Sanctum of the Stars and Dragonmaw Fortress. When your character reaches level 70, you can get your first quest. In order to keep gaining the Netherwing faction reputation, you need to keep doing quests with him. You need to increase your reputation from Hated to Exalted to get one of these gorgeous mounts.
    Doing Mordenai's full questline (starting with Kindness) will get you to Neutral reputation. There are nine quests in all. Don't worry about reputation being slow as you go – the final quest is where you get all of the rep. More information about the mounts in the TBC Classic? Please continue to pay attention to MMOWTS, you can also buy TBC Classic Gold there, and new clients can enjoy a 3% discount!