WoW TBC Classic Professions Guide: How to make gold fast

  • There are many ways to make money in World of Warcraft TBC Classic, such as killing monsters, running dungeons or selling useless loot to merchants. But using these methods to accumulate gold coins is not very efficient. You can buy TBC Classic Gold directly on third-party websites to save time and avoid the boring process of making money. Of course, you can also use technology to make Cheap TBC Classic Gold money - the technology in the game, each profession can make unique products, and players have a great demand for them.

    Best Gold Making Profession - Jewelcrafting
    After the expansion and release of the Burning Crusade of World of Warcraft Classic, a new profession is introduced into the game, which is known to players as Jewelcrafting. Players who master this profession can cut precious gems and use these resources to make special items. Players need them on many occasions. Jewelcrafting allows players to put sockets on specific pieces of gear, and then players fill the slots with gems that can increase statistics to further improve combat effectiveness. This is why Jewelcrafting is known as the best profession for making money. All kinds of gems, especially epic ones, can be sold at high prices. Not only that, you can also sell some precious items at high prices at auction houses, such as "Necklace of the Deep".

    Some Other Professions
    Alchemy: Alchemy allows players to use a variety of cheap materials to create powerful potions and potions, and perform Transmutes to create reagents for other professions. It is considered to be the second only to Jewelcrafting to make money. For example, if you transmute the Primal Might, many players will be willing to spend large sums of gold to get them.
    Herbalism: After players master Herbalism, they can discover and collect useful plants and herbs in the wild forests and grasslands. These raw materials can be used to make potions. Herbalism is arguably one of the simplest professions. You just need to pick up things and sell them at the auction house to make money.
    Mining: Every person in charge of mining is an expert in finding ores. They can collect and collect all kinds of ores and gems at ore nodes. After players smelt these resources into ingots, they can be sold to other professions that need materials. Such as Blacksmithing, Engineering, Alchemy and Enchanting all need ore ingots as raw materials to produce handicrafts. Not only that, absenteeism also has a unique professional spell called Find Minerals. After using this spell, players can easily find nearby mines.
    Skinning: Skinning is also one of the very easy jobs, because you don't need to walk in the wild for a long time to find your goals. Any beast type monster can be skinned, which allows you to get some extra rewards after killing them. If you master both Skinning and Leatherworking at the same time, you can also make more money by using professional combinations. Because you can make many useful items with almost free raw materials, and then sell them to other players at high prices to make money.
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