New World has left a bad impression on some Twitch Streamers

  • Considering that New World is still under development, there may be many problems before the game is fully released. At least the vast majority of Twitch anchors found that this game is flawed in several ways.

    Several Twitch anchors clearly stated during the live broadcast that they disliked aspects of Amazon MMO. One of their biggest complaints is that the game is hard to excite, because the Amazon New World Coins enemies in New World lack diversity. This may be a big deal for Amazon, because the popular Twitch anchor Asmongold also pointed out this problem, and he has 2.3 million fans on the Twitch platform.

    Summit1g and Asmongold complain about the PvE option in the "New World". Summit1g stated that he could not distinguish between level 60 and level 20 PvE, and then recorded his actual experience in the game as a video and uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

    Another Twitch anchor, Annie Fuchsia, encountered the most interesting and strange problem in the "New World". She was kicked out of the Amazon MMO during the game, and the system prompted a lifetime ban. The reason for her ban was milking cows. She also recorded a video of this encounter, which was posted on Twitch.

    If Amazon Games Studios wants well-known Twitch anchors to help promote the game before it is released, then it looks like they still have a lot of work to do. After the New World closed beta ended, Amazon postponed the release of New World to September 28. During this time, they are preparing to fix some inherent problems in the game that players have reported.

    Although these Twitch anchors criticized Amazon's upcoming MMO game, they are still a little lucky. Because some people with extremely expensive NVIDIA graphics cards have experienced very unfortunate accidents.

    As early as July, a group of people discovered that their RTX 3090 was bricked after playing the "New World" beta. These cards are more than just a black screen and crashing back to the desktop, no. Just by running the game, they were directly burned.

    Most RTX 3090 models are from EVGA, which apparently died due to overheating. The initial reason was that Amazon's MMO overused the graphics card, especially in the main menu, which has a very high "out of control" frame rate. Graphics cards died of rendering too many frames because they allegedly consumed more power than New World Coins expected. Afterwards, EVGA and Amazon handled the problem properly, which reduced the negative impact of the accident to a certain extent. In any case, I think you should pay attention to Newworldcoins, because when the game is officially released on September 28, you will need a lot of New World Coins. At that time, you can spend some money there to buy a lot of coins, and then use that currency to purchase any items you need in the game.