A hooded figure will probably be standing there

  • Now return to Lucien's Tower, by means of RuneScape gold your constructed boat. Wear full Ghostly Robes, and you will have the ability to slip past the shield because you're invisible. Eavesdrop on a meeting. Zemouregal will stand up and discuss his failure to destroy Varrock. Enakra will talk about"the program". Next, Hazeel will say he's learned that Azzanadra has been ressurected recently. A message will be sent to Drakan warning him that a Zarosian mahjarrat had implanted 6 formerly good warriors within Morytania to get when the timing is perfect.

    A hooded figure will probably be standing there, surrounded by the Barrows brothers. He'll assure them that his power, in addition to that of his allies, is growing. Kill them all with your ivandis flail, and yet another cutscene follows. More vyrewatch look, along with vyreguards and one of the Drakan Lords. The Barrows Brothers go into war mode and begin killing any vyres, but you need to fight also.

    The vyreguard is basically a tougher version of buy OSRS gold the vyrewatch, but the Drakan Lord may use a ranged attack with bats (it is feeble however ), and Blood Rush (that is just a couple times a struggle, so don't worry). The Barrows Brothers will undoubtedly be an advantage, however they may go after you, so you've got to position yourself lest you face a souped up Dharock (who for all you Barrows gamers will be WAY deadlier than that weakling Kharil). And for some reason, the Barrows Brothers will not need an Ivandis Flail. Their boss's work without doubt.