Developers added an illustration to demonstrate this idea

  • It will also fix the inconsistencies that led to high-rated players being viewed as less valuable by teams that run CPU. For example, a talented player who wasn't a regular starter on his old team, but who would be an active player on the team being offered, was viewed as Mut 22 coins a backup-level value by the old trading strategy. This should also be the case in opposite. Players with a low rating could get one-for-one trade value with stars simply because both were on top of their respective teams depth charts. Now , the CPU could believe that the trade will yield more, or simply refuse these offers.

    In other cases the archetypes of players who don't match the playbook structure of the team they're currently playing (a power running back, for example for a system that was designed to receive backs) will be undervalued when placed on the trading block, too. EA Tiburon stated that both of these issues can be resolved by the patch.

    Trade logic will be updated to include the unique assets of American professional football, including draft picks. Madden's franchise mode had the ability to trade upcoming draft picks ever since Madden NFL 13 in 2012. EA Tiburon says it has "completely adjusted the base value of Draft picks in order to make them compatible with the new changes to the Player Value." Additionally, "teams will have more sophisticated perspectives on how they value draft picks and players from both their own and opposing teams."

    Developers added an illustration to demonstrate this idea. A star player could objectively be worth one-for-one trade pick. However, the fact that he's an older star that might retire in mmoexp madden nfl 22 coins the near future decreases the value of a second-round pick, because the team that acquires the star won't have him for long.