After lunch, we went back into Jagex

  • After lunch, we went back into Jagex and they took us on OSRS gold a walkthrough of every department. It was a great experience. It was great that there were a few people within every department who took the time to explain what their department did and why.

    Alongside the information they shared during the trip, we also learned that it seems to be a great working environment that everyone is enthusiastic about the work they do. Andrew and Mark let us inquire about any issues we had. They were very relaxed and just sat down and chatted with us. They answered all our queries and explained the reason they answered in this way.

    I have to affirm that everyone we met, each and every person who spoke to us at Jagex was amazing. They were friendly, helpful, and had amazing personalities.

    After our Q &A session was finished and we were taken to taxis and buy RS gold drove us to our hotel. The following morning and evening were ours to enjoy as much time as we wanted. They even gave us a a map showing where food, entertainment, and bars were all within walking distance. Deb and me, wild party animals requested room service just before we fell to sleep.