The focus will be on the top-rated receivers

  • After five players were selected last year, who will be joining the 99 Club? These players will be announced on Mut 22 coins ESPN's Get Up every day, while the Top 10 players from different positions will be featured on NFL Live, SportsCenter, and First Take. Madden NFL 22 will feature Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady as the covers.

    The focus will be on the top-rated receivers, running backs, along with quarterbacks, defensive linemen, and defensive backs during the week. Friday, 7 p.m. ET ET on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET, catch the SportsCenter special that breaks down ratings, featuring Louis Riddick (interview) and Mina Kimes (reporting additional ratings).

    As the final line in an incompletion or a game-breaking play, safetyties are among the most crucial roles in football. They're the ones who ensure that big-time players don't play deep. If used correctly they can be dominant blitzers in Madden.

    In Madden the number of buy Madden 22 coins safety players who make an impact increase every year -- in part due to their importance to the game in real life, similar to cornerbacks. This also comes at a point in time when there are a lot of young safeties making an impression according to this year's Madden ratings.