So in the time it took the player

  • P2P players have a greater selection of OSRS gold choices. They could make about 100k an hour by collecting bones of dragons from dragons in green. They could create teams to hunt the KQ, KBD bosses and GWD bosses and try for an average of 1m+ drops. There are many other ways to make money in p2p.

    So in the time it took the player who played f2p to earn 100k while the p2p player would probably earn 300k. Woodcutting with P2P and F2P works in a similar way. My understanding is that magic trees need 75 wc in order to cut. A p2p player with 70 wc would not be able cut the magic trees. P2P players could make use of a dragon axe, however it only provides a small improvement in the rate of chopping compared to a rune axe. When cutting yews the rates of p2p as well as F2P are similar. (The only benefit of p2p is the fact that there are fewer people in each cutting location).

    An easier way to earn money from fishing is to join the p2p fishing guild. You can fish lobsters/swordfish in the waters of Karamja for 20k/hour with F2P (no information on this). P2p is at least twice the speed. This is because the bank is right next to the fishing spots in buy RuneScape Mobile gold the fishing guild. P2P players can also fish shark and monkfish which could also give even more profit per hour. F2P fisherman earn 100k, while the p2p player will earn 200-300k.