The game's release revealed

  • The racial distinctions of today aren't really important unless you're super min maxing to gain a 0.5% advantage. He was probably referring to WOW Classic TBC Gold the fact that players from alliances are continually disadvantaged by mythology (taking greater losses than the Horde, and other things).

    Many players are also horde, since that's how the majority of the major raiding guilds are created (unless you're oceanic, which isn't the case).

    Meta > Friends > Lore. There are many excuses they like for the faction they choose however when you arrive at the actual conclusion at the top, it's because players were following the meta and one faction was generally more dominant in PvP. The difference could have been reduced if they had relegated the racial abilities of PvP to different factions.

    The game's release revealed that the very most talented players and guilds from successful MMOs were focused on PvE (some exceptions). In the case of PvE, the impact of the racial skill was lower than the Paladin/Shaman impact with 40 players. The main focus in this case is Alliance. Everybody knows how to do PvE and can do them in their beds. A plethora of guides and videos which make them all easy but the main "challenge" today is PvP. In the game with smaller groups, the distinction between Paladin and cheap TBC Classic Gold Shaman is not as noticeable however the differences in racials is noticeable...and that's why Horde becomes the meta-faction.