The new system ensured that defenses around perimeters

  • The most troublesome areas are at the defensive end of 2K22 MT the floor. The idea of stealing is not a good idea in NBA 2K. There is chances that the ball can become unnoticeable. If the ball disappears, it is impossible to steal the ball away from AI. This is why the game becomes unfair since AI-controlled teams do not have to worry about these issues. I would want to see a team of 2K Sports developers takes time to correct these issues. I am sure that these problems will be addressed and will enhance the performance of games.

    Shot Contests - NBA 2K20 introduced a new shot contest, which used different criteria than previous. The previous year's contest shot system was one that was dominated by the attacker. It was difficult for defenses to stop an attacker. The new system for contests relies on the defense's proximity to the attacker.

    The new system ensured that defenses around perimeters were more effective. It was very difficult to shoot perimeter shots. It was easier to manage offense and defense. Layups were eliminated through the new shot contest system. Layups, which are among the most effective basketball plays, became impossible to knockdown because of the proximity requirement. This is a problem that is easy that can be fixed. 2K Sports could modify the finishing badges in order to increase the likelihood of Buy NBA 2K22 MT achieving layups.