We can estimate that all skills are worth 150k xp an hour

  • It is tedious. The combat isn't boring. It's not fun to OSRS gold click a goblin and waiting 2 minutes to end. EoC will make this more fluid and dynamic however it will still be a little bit of a distraction if you want with the ability to accelerate. Bots are all over the place. A little bit improved... The game is extremely grindy. For an MMO.

    This is among the most difficult things. The time it takes to train skills, which are required, and the lack of use of those skills once you've mastered them, other than to do quests. Let's look at two contemporary MMOs that are well-played: Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. You can find out that max SWTOR character is around 150 hours. It's not surprising that one Guild Wars 2 player was able to max out in less than 36 hours. No exploits.

    So how long does it take to get maxed combat statistics in Runescape? We'll discount Prayer and Summoning, since those require massive inputs of money from other sources However, keep magic as maxing the other skills should be enough to cover the cost. Also, we should take into consideration Constitution which is a skill that can be learned automatically.

    We can estimate that all skills are worth 150k xp an hour. Each skill is worth 13500kxp. That is 13,500,000. It will take 90 hours to raise the combat ability from zero to buy RuneScape gold 99. You now have 450 hours to "max" your character, without requiring non-combat skills.