Karamja could really benefit from an update

  • Yes, I am not happy with what they have done to OSRS gold Burthorpe/Taverly. There's no difference between the two currently, and it's too crowded without the feeling of settling. I'm not opposed to an area with some things, like having a market in Burthorpe and a church (or maybe a cathedral if we wanted it to become a city ...), but we certainly need more space between Taverly and Burthorpe.

    I'm not a fan of all the trolls living in Taverly. I'm not happy with how ridiculous they've made it all and how low-levelled the trolls are. Burthorpe should be able to appear as a grittier military city that defends the principality from Trolls. It feels less militant, and it was not an actual town or city prior to the update.

    While I agree about the limits, Jagex is making it a bit easier to transition to desert. Even when I first started I found it really strange. It would be wonderful if there was more canoe and waterways systems. It would be great to expand the map.

    Karamja could really benefit from an update. It appears to buy RS gold be an area south of Brimhaven however, which isn't real. Although I've never completed Legends Quest, it appears like the Kharazi jungle could be reached from north to south in just 10 seconds.