Combat is enjoyable and quick-paced

  • Combat is enjoyable and quick-paced. The use of active taunts/blocks/dodges is great but the skills don't have cooldowns and it can become a swarm of WOW Classic TBC Gold spam. Some classes just make use of the same skill 13 times.

    The company doesn't consider your time as a player in the same way FFXIV does. It will take you just as long to spend time managing your bank account and inventory even without a premium subscription (same price that the FFXIV). If you are not a premium player, each new dungeon needs to be purchased. Also there are annual expansions which contain only a few pieces of content.

    TBF Final Fantasy can only be sub-subscribed to. If you purchase the ESO sub, everything's fine. With the exception of the weak expansions however, they're at a fraction of the cost of FF expansions and release twice as frequently so when you can double the size of them at the same cost, it's pretty competitive.

    FFXIV also has an expansion that has been critically acclaimed with the name of Shadowbringers which is ranked as one of the top Final Fantasy stories of the past 15 years or cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold so. I'm not convinced that any ESO story has gotten anywhere close to that level of praise.