Standard 99 skillcapes may be devalued

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    It's a fact that you live and grow... You live and you learn.

    At the moment, it's almost certain that 120 skillcapes would be made available. Consequences of the cape: The top players now have an alternative option in the event that they do not would like to become Max or Completionist. The cape's stats will be lower than the Max cape.

    Standard 99 skillcapes may be devalued. The Max cape and the 120 capes will likely be less famous as compared to the Max cape. It depends on the level of skill the 120 is in. 120 is roughly equal to the amount of XP as 899s. This can cause a sexist attitude between cape owners with buy RuneScape Mobile gold 120 caps in regard to players with 99 or more relevant ability. This could also deter newer players.