I am currently merchatning

  • EDITOR'S NOTE: The player who claimed that I was accepted as a moderator for the game was identified as Y. The full name of the moderator I spoke to OSRS gold in Lumbridge was X.

    When I return on I will include the name of the player who contacted me. I added her/him in my Friends List to enable me to respond. Again, I apologise for violating any rules. This site is fantastic and I'm hoping I'm not causing any problems by asking stupid questions. I'm sorry to be a stupid question.

    I am currently merchatning, and I will have 1,000,000 gold when the sale is complete. I'm wondering what I should spend it on:skills,combat,slayer or should I keep merchatning?

    As you can see, in the last room I go through all them urns untill the snakes have all popped out, then I loot the entire urn. Do I need to continue looking for buy RuneScape Mobile gold urns until I find the snakes 71, 81, or 91? What is the date when rooms start giving you exp worth the time taken?