The game was in a mess at the time of launch

  • While some of these new additions to Mut 22 coins the series are welcomed Some (such as Home Field Advantage), are long overdue, while others (such as additional Superstar-X-Factors) build upon the existing content. Overall , there's not much to compare it to last year's success.

    The game was in a mess at the time of launch. There were numerous bugs and it didn't pay attention to details. One example was showing Miami Dolphins QB TuaTagovailoa throwing footballs with his right hand, even though he is one of the few QBs who play left handed.

    Pushing past all of these glitches, bugs and buy Madden 22 coins whatnot, the new features in Madden 22 are exciting , however they don't really add anything to the basic gameplay of Madden. The feeling EA has created by introducing many of the Home Field Advantages is amazing, but small bugs like players who gather in crowds wearing different jerseys as the signs they're holding, detract from your overall immersion in the football sim.