Look back at the experience that Path of Exile Ultimatum brough

  • Players currently struggling in the Path of Exile Ultimatum league should know what their situation is like. If they do not have enough POE Currency and rich knowledge as support, then the situation will be very difficult. This league has a lot of things worth analyzing, so players who want to study it carefully should break it down into the league mechanism itself and the changes in the entire game.

    The mechanics of the league feel like Ritual 2.0. The point is that, like some of the previous mechanics, Ultimatum puts the player in front of waves of monsters. Finally, Ultimatum is divided into several rounds. Each round becomes more and more difficult. In theory, it will provide better rewards for players who pass smoothly every time. But once the players fail to challenge, all rewards will disappear. People can also stop the challenge and accept the rewards they received before.

    This is an enormous risk and reward mechanism because it provides players with many choices. Participants can not only choose whether to continue to the next round but also choose which negative effects to apply to the new round. Some effects have little effect on a particular build, while they completely avoided others. By choosing three for each round, one can hopefully make an ultimatum that they can complete and reap the benefits, but this is not always the case. The number of rounds seems to be random, but the upper limit increases as the game progresses.

    As usual, there’s also a boss to fight: the Trialmaster himself. He is at every Ultimatum, usually ribbing everyone for tapping out or failing. If not, he’s probably getting pretty upset that you’re succeeding. Overall, his personality is one of the highlights of the league itself.

    For now, there is one last month for players to study Ultimatum in depth. On June 24th, GGG will announce some information about the 3.15 extension. Players who are interested in this can either choose to continue the battle or to prepare more in advance for the new expansion, such as Buy POE Currency. Let us wait and see.