Will Path of Exile 3.15 expand on the theme of violence?

  • According to reliable sources, the Path of Exile 3.15 extension will release on PC and Mac at 1 p.m. Pacific time on July 15, while PS and XBOX players still have to wait a few more days. After the last time GGG allowed streamers to bypass the login queue, the development team has been optimizing and improving the stability of the client. This new expansion should proceed more smoothly than before. Grinding Gear Games released this information recently, with a short teaser video and slogan “How far will violence take you?” Considering the millions of players who have been killed by players since POE launched eight years ago The monster of the plan, I think the answer is “quite far.”

    After the Twitch live broadcast, ZiggyD and Chris Wilson of GGG will conduct live Q&A. Although there is nothing to talk about about the reveal itself, the comments on the various places it shows seem to be a bit complicated. In fact, if you read the reviews about the first few expansion packs, you tend to think that players are skeptical about the state of the game, and Grinding Gear Games cannot do POE Currency right.

    The number of POE players on Steam does not seem to have any problems, showing a decline after the usual expansion, its overall rating is still 92%, and its recent popularity is 87%. The game hardly failed or saw a large-scale exodus. I have heard from Chris Wilson during each extension preview. This does not mean that things have shrunk significantly, but they do not seem to Buy POE Currency. The company may stick to it for another year while finishing the development of Path of Exile 2, which may not be fast enough for some players.

    Even if they are anxious, don’t mess with themselves. The new expansion is about to offer players a fresh and interesting game experience. Faced with so many new content and challenges, players who are determined to achieve greater achievements in the 3.15 expansion should buy more POE Currency. Refueling and maintaining a stable attitude are the most important.