Quest at the largest port in runescape - Port Sarim

  • Right Click on the orb, and then select Call Lunar Force. (Player Name)! We were fooled by your ruse however I could see your deceit all the time Old School RS Gold! Lunar Force appears and Savarain takes a snap at his fingers to command the guards to attack. They strike 75s on all Lunar Force members, and they fall down. Get ready for the fight for your life!

    Solar Guardians are now Solar Guardians (Level 90). Kill two of them and then two more will emerge, making you level 45. Take them out. Eat some food and get prepared for a major battle! I hereby SUMMON SOLARUS BY THE POWER THE SOLAR TRUB! A ghost appears from the hole , and then flies to the ground. He will become clearer and clearer to the human eye until he transforms into a human, Solarus (Level-225).

    Drink a prayer Potion and get your best weapons! Keep in mind your shield from Melee when his staff shifts into a mace. Also, shield from missles once it has become the Wulyxiaora and the Guard against Magic when the Staff is returned, or he will hit at least the upper 50s. After he is killed, he will drop the Solar Isle Sunstaff. Savarain will snap from this trance, along with his Guardians. We thank you, (Player Name). We have been released from the grip of this evil ghost! You are a friend of Solar Isle even if you're one of the Lunar Fools.

    Dawn of the Awakening. Quests. Guthix sleeps. Ghostly Robes MiniQuest is the goblin-themed quest idea I thought of. Everything else is completed already. Skills 65 Slayer, all required abilities for quests Cheap RS Gold, and anything else I could have left out.