Making a MyPlayer at NBA 2K21 means picking your own style to c

  • AI Teammates - The AI MyCareer players are currently not very good. The AI does not seem to possess any basketball feel. I cannot count the number of times where I have made the pass to a corner shooter mt nba 2k22, often Cedi Osman, expecting an easy bucket. The easy bucket does not come. The AI will keep the ball in its possession for at least three minutes. This gives the defense time to get closer. When the AI finally lets go of the shot it's a shot that is contested, and usually falls on the rim, then bounces out.

    The AI needs work, and this process will require lots of time to develop until it's the perfect. The focus of this development should be on improving the AI to enable computer-controlled players to play as naturally on the court. The AI is not supposed to feel artificial or unnatural.

    Better, More Servers - Gaming online is a key aspect of NBA 2K. People love playing with their friends. Online gaming can be frustrating because of lag spikes or busy servers. 2K Sports have suffered from delays for years and it is frustrating for users.

    It's a pain when the frame rate falls out of control, and the movements on the controller do not translate into the game itself. 2K Sports has an easy solution: they can simply lease servers that are better. MyLeague Contract Values I love MyLeague. I enjoy the idea of building a dynasty and being the best in the league cheap 2k22 mt. It's satisfying when the player you drafted becomes an integral part of your team's journey to the NBA championship.