Runescape was hugely popular several years back

  • How much have you earned fighting for cash? If you've got around 10 million, you can purchase a bond that grants you 14 days of membership RS3 Items. Getting that 10m back in the world of members is much easier than in F2P however, it obviously requires some effort.

    I recommend that you quickly rush quests that will give big exp boosts/good rewards if you're new to the game. The RS Wikia will tell you which quests provide the most exp boosts. These are the ones I recommend so that you can be closer to weapons of higher tier.

    You can also fight other monsters. Many quests offer additional monsters to battle and some of them with higher-paying drops. Bosses will allow you to make more money too. You can easily fight the King Black Dragon using 90 magic. Then you can fight the Chaos Elements with ease If you're willing to risk some items. Both monsters can be quite profitable.

    Yes, I do have more money than 10M. I'm still confused about how bonds work. I have studied a lot about it, and I received contradictory information Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. I may sign up now and pay one month's installments. I'm eager to start. (But, I'm doing some research prior to jumping into).