You'll be in some sort of spirit world

  • I've got this ring! It was given to OSRS Items me by a girl named Jennica. Really? Get the ring, and that I will come across the book. If you use the ring, everything will be"clearer" for you (it will not be"clearer" however you will have the ability to catch certain details). Arianwyn will then let you go on your travels, and make sure you enter combat (note the"enter combat" not"survive against") with anything that might come your way.

    Your hunt for whatever"peculiar" will bring you southeast of the KBD lair. An odd glint that needs to be dug up will probably be a steel shard. When you pick it up, a cut scene will proceed with a Revenant Knight casually strolling by. He will look at youfloat over to you, and teleport you without even saying a word.

    You'll be in some sort of spirit world. He will behave like any other Revenant Knight, and as soon as you kill it, you may exit the soul world. Now return to Arianwyn. I have the steel shard, Arianwyn. Good work, Zachman3334. Put the shard on top of this crystal spear, and state that this incantation. Relanto Surl Monob Adikan.

    Use your steel shard on the crystal , and say the incantation (70 magical and 68 crafting required, if you do not have this, then the shard will crack in half). You will ask at the last minute about the time difference, but Arianwyn tells you to not worry, her entire body will just stay the way it did when she went .Go into Zanaris, and enter BLQ, and you will be in Yu'Biusk. Head west and you will discover the strange box. You anticipate Zanik to come outside, but the box instead closes, and a cut scene opens, and you'll hear a crying voice.

    I'm going to be stuck here forever. Zanik will subsequently run up to you a hand you this kind of large hug it knocks you into the floor. I saw that the green box, I saw you running back to Buy RuneScape Gold get out. I followed....but I could not leave. I was right in the gateway but it would not let me through.