When you've completed all your free quests

  • Although I would like to have the ability to send my suggestion directly to OSRS Items Runescape it's not possible. I am a non-member and am not a paid player. This is an idea that is accessible to anyone who is RC members. Are you seeking a quicker way to increase your stats after you have completed all your member's or free quests?

    My idea is an opportunity to earn a skill as a side-quest. These side-quests are free and can only be played after you've completed every free quest including cooking, crafting, Fishing, Firemaking, Magic Mining, Prayer, Smithing, Ranging, Runecrafting Woodcutting. These side-quests available to members can only be used only if you've reached a particular quest level (which will depend on the Runescape Staff).

    Side-quest example: When you've completed all your free quests, you're now at the lowest amount of prayer, and it is extremely difficult to get massive bones from other players. The Monastery will have a monk who will help you.

    He will give you a random side-quest for prayer that asks you to cleanse the water around the castle of the white knights. You must get multiple ingredients from various places like the mystical cabage located in Draynor's Mansion Garden.

    When the purifier is done it is time to pour it into the river around the white knights castle. Once you have completed the side-quest, you gain alot of exp to your prayer skills. For every four hours you're only allowed to buy OSRS Fire Cape go back to the side-quest.