You can choose any of the leagues in the game

  • The new features are exclusive to FIFA 22 on FUT 22 Coins PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.That leaves out PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and Switch, but I don't think anybody was expecting anything less than a generic version for Nintendo's console this year).Meanwhile, in other Career Mode news, in this year's game, you can create your club - a feature that was included in the FIFA games in the last decade, but hasn't been available since.

    First, you choose the name of your team and the nickname that will be used by commentary. Next, choose the league you'd like to be a part of. Select the team you want to replace. The amount of teams participating in a league stays the same, while the team you replace is absorbed into the Rest of World teams.

    You can choose any of the leagues in the game. Games against your opponents are given more importance via the broadcast and get additional news coverage and news stories.You can personalize your team's home and away kits, as well as the club's emblem and home stadium. You can alter your kits, crests, or base stadium at the start of every season.

    The stadium customization feature available in Career Mode lets you pick from any of the generic stadiums available in the game and allows you to change its base colour, seat colour, pitch pattern, and even net shape.

    The atmosphere of your club can be changed also, using a selection of cheap FIFA 22 Coins songs for goal, crowd chants and walkout anthems that you can choose from.Stadium customization is also possible for clubs who don't have a stadium licensed to them in the game.