Path of Exile 2020 player time increased by 17%

  • During COVID-19, adventurous players have flocked to the Path of Exile online action role-playing game, which is not surprising to Chris Wilson. Grinding Gear Games continues to refresh the player time record, and the 3.13 expansion pack brings more time than ever. The general manager of GGG provided these POE Currency and more when showing Path of Exile 2 and the 3.14 expansion pack that was launched on April 16th.

    Wilson said that compared to gardening or similar Pokémon collection experiments, players prefer to expand the emphasis on the core path mechanism, that is, the traditional training of killing monsters and POE Currency Buy.

    About a year ago, GGG hosted the Delirium League, which is one of the battle-focused leagues. And he believes that the large-screen expansion is very diverse and does attract different types of gamers. First, they must ensure that future expansion packs have very strong core combat power and reward content so that all players can enjoy the new game experience.

    Since New Zealand has blocked its borders and its citizens and government have complied with the COVID-19 protocol, the virus is almost non-existent there. Therefore, Wilson said that Grinding Gear staff have been able to carry out the daily work and maintenance of Path of Exile and POE 2 in the office.

    Now that Path Of Exile 3.15 extension will be available on PC and Mac on July 16th, it will be available on PS and XBOX on the 21st. Those who are ready to make outstanding achievements in the new extension can prepare in advance, such as Buy more POE Currency Or follow more real-time news and wait patiently.