Path of Exile 3.15 expansion trailer makes fans excited about B

  • Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile is close to the ultimatum of the current league that was launched in April this year. Therefore, the POE Currency will soon make its debut in the studio's live conference. Since the 3.15 update may be released in about three weeks, fans want to know what the trailer is about, and the focus is more on new skills, rather than not revealing too much league information.

    However, the new trailer for Path of Exile's upcoming alliance does show a terrain patch full of skulls that are reminiscent of Fairgraves and various microtransactions related to the subject and POE Currency transactions. Then, at the end of the trailer, some new NPCs are standing in the snowy terrain. One of these NPCs seems to Buy POE Currency, and the overall pirate theme of the trailer is not surprising. Out of interest, this meme was especially dominant when Heist first appeared.

    The ship alliance meme is not the only meme that the community still insists on. Although the official Twitter account of Path of Exile states that the ship is not the next alliance thing, something that looks like a pirate theme is important in the 3.15 update. However, it should be pointed out that Path of Exile requires huge engine changes to allow GGG to handle water-related content and player interaction, which is more likely to appear with Path of Exile 2. One of the trailers of Path of Exile 2 shows a character walking around on the deck of a ship, which means that the ship alliance may become something in the future.

    According to the new elements of the trailer, Path of Exile seems to have at least four new active skills. The actual content of the alliance needs further observation. Some players who love POE can buy POE Currency and look forward to the new expansion together, and at the same time pay attention to more new content officially revealed, I believe that the new expansion will not disappoint, and will bring players a new game experience.