Path of Exile: 3 professional reminders about the Shadow Class

  • It is often difficult to determine they display which profession on a player’s screen, because Path of Exile is a game that allows similarities to a large extent. In the world of similar heroes, the shadow category is so unique that it breaks the seemingly similar world. Here are some professional suggestions about the shadow class. After spending a POE Currency and energy to research and honey, players will find that the damage will be improved and feel that the POE Currency they spend is worthwhile.

    Always sick
    As we all know, destroying the enemy’s buff is a good thing, even newbies who are just starting to play the game know this. But it also has extra special significance for the shadow class. It has a variety of skills that can not only cause extra damage to diseased targets but also stack with bleeding or poison, so that at least one disease will always be hit. in.

    Early maximum output resistance
    Generally , most professionals will tell each class to maximize resistance. Shadow damage is low in the early stages, making it easy for him to be completely defeated by magic in the early stages. So most occupations are to increase the damage first and then prepare the resistance, but the shadow may not be able to POE Currency Buy this order. If no suitable items appear, you can also buy POE Currency to get better items or equipment.

    Find a skill and stick to it
    In order to keep the game active, the team is flooded with active skill gem options in the game. So players usually want to try each spell to find the most effective one. Although Shadow can experiment, don’t put any other levels into skill gems that seem to be useless. Shadow’s only defense is early offense, if you switch between spells, it will reduce offensive ability and reduce damage.