Path Of Exile allows the anchor to enter the game server first

  • Normally, the launch of the expansion pack should be a happy thing. Players can get the new content developed by many developers, but the launch of Path Of Exile: the ultimatum did not make people feel very happy. Due to technical reasons, GGG had to make players wait in line to enter the server, but paid influencers do not need to wait and can enter directly. This approach makes everyone waiting to enter the game feel very angry.

    Path Of Exile is a Diablo-style ARPG game. Players can customize their roles on a huge skill tree to hone better and better loot. Path Of Exile: the ultimatum allows players to bet on items they own and compete in trials. The winner can get rich returns, but if you fail, you may lose your own things. Of course, POE Currency is also provided in the game for players to buy good items.

    However, on the day the Ultimatum expansion pack was released, it was difficult for POE Currency to successfully enter Path Of Exile, and they all needed to spend a certain amount of time waiting in line to enter the game. The players waiting in line are already very restless. When they find that the anchor can bypass the queue and directly enter the server, they feel very angry while being upset. According to Wilson, streamers such as anchors have priority because GGG paid them to promote the game.

    Wilson apologized for the server problem and allowing the anchor to POE Currency Buy the server preferentially. He said that allowing any anchor to bypass the waiting queue is obviously a wrong decision. The article posted does not try to make everyone happy with the result, they just want to make the players happy. Have some understanding of what happened. From all aspects, the Path Of Exile server is now running well, and players can enter the game and buy POE Currency normally.