Path of Exile’s new expansion allows you to get more loot

  • GGG has released an ultimatum in the past few months. This new challenge league named “Ultimatum” will hide a powerful new ultimate boss and some unique new items in the arena battle. Players can only pass Beat the odds or maybe Trialmaster to get it, and like the previous leagues, it provides players with POE Currency.

    During the Ultimatum League, any newly launched character will often encounter the Trial Master, a new NPC and the messenger of the God of Chaos. He will tell you what items you are fighting for and then challenge you to a simple arena battle. When the round is over, he will let you choose to take the prize and knock it out, or choose a new modifier, and challenge a more hard round to get the last reward, plus a new one. These battles seem to be extremely difficult, because all selected modifiers will continue to POE Currency Buy until you clear the highest difficulty, knock out or die.

    As always, GGG showed more of this alliance in the trailer. The last round of gains brought by the ultimatum is another wave of upgrades to the Vaal skill gems. These dual-function skills allow you to cast them normally, but also allow you to harvest souls from the POE Currency for powerful smart bomb-like pressurized attacks. They made some adjustments so that your Vaal skills can be restored faster by just damaging the boss, allowing players to reduce their dependence on filling enemies between stages.

    The ultimatum has not undergone major changes like last season, but has made a lot of minor adjustments and improvements to the old content and updated some details. If players want to get good results in the new season, they can buy POE Currency in advance to improve their equipment and weapons, go and try.