A review of Path of Exile Patch adds a new button

  • While the game is constantly optimizing, the players of Path Of Exile are constantly honing their characters, even at the expense of buying POE Currency to buy better equipment to enhance their character's strength. Some time ago, Path of Exile Patch added a new button, the‘Clear Cache’button. When asked about this, GGG also explained to the community what the added new button does and why they want to add this button. The patch in question is patch 3.14.1d. Here are some notes about the patch.

    The Path of Exile client can now Buy POE Currency of the system's video memory, which means that assets will remain loaded for longer. But for systems with sufficient video memory, this will result in a significant reduction in assets that are obviously loaded during the game. Although the cache of Path of Exile will be cleared regularly, if there are some problems with no files or too large cache, you can use this button to try to solve it.

    ‘Clear Cache’ clears several temporary storage locations in the game for downloading images and graphics shaders. After clearing the cached shaders, when the client regenerates the required shaders, the player's client performance will temporarily decrease. For this reason, developers recommend‘clearing the cache’as a last resort only when troubleshooting crashes or other graphics issues, or when the size of the cache has become an issue. They pointed out that they have been constantly monitoring the results of this patch to solve various problems that have occurred. If players happen to experience a Vulkan crash, please try using DX11 and see what happens to the API.

    It is precisely because the POE Currency continue to optimize the game and strive to create a beautiful and smooth game, Path Of Exile has also harvested a large number of players, many players willingly put a lot of time and energy into their characters, and they also dedicated a lot of POE Currency. Some players who are ready to try but have not yet started to take action can try Path Of Exile, I believe you will not be disappointed!