Path Of Exile: Expedition uses explosives to discover ancient m

  • Like all quarterly expansions of Path Of Exile, Expedition also adds some new features that can be inserted into the main campaign and provide interesting distractions as you level up and find loot, but you must also start a new role. Early in the story, players will encounter Kalguur, a group of foreign merchants who track down long-lost colonists. The trail stops at Wraeclast. The cursed place may be the place where they died. Kalguur wanted to retrieve the magical relics carried by their ancestors. But they knew that digging anything on this continent would only anger the undead, so they used explosives instead of tools such as a shovel. 

    Every work you do for Kalguur will take you to an area they have conveniently marked with a sign showing what is buried around the place, whether it’s undead or treasure. You will place a series of explosives around the site, all explosives are connected to a detonator. Prepare the area, push the plunger, and be ready to fight anything you just woke up. You can also blow up the ruins left by the colonists. Although it will increase the difficulty of digging, it also increases the reward. The risk is proportional to the reward. Similarly, if you want to get more currency with no effort, you can also buy POE Currency to get it.

    The entire routine does not seem too complicated-this is often a good thing, because Path Of Exile players are dissatisfied with the final too complicated extension. This is just a new way to create customized combat encounters for yourself. You also dig through the logs, which reveal famous locations discovered by the colonists. These behaviors are a bit like POE endgame maps, providing customizable additional tasks in unique locations. These special excavation sites may also contain some new bosses, and of course, there is also a set of unique weapons and armors to collect. 

    A strange twist in this alliance is that each of the four Kalgur merchants runs a different type of store and pursues a specific artifact. One is a gambler who provides you with unidentified items, the other is a bargainer, which allows you to bargain with luck, one will up-sell to you, gradually gaining better acceptance or giving up upgrades, and the last one only provides specific, high Cost transaction. Between the four of them, some interesting shopping trips should be possible. This feature still sounds very interesting. If you are also interested in it, you can prepare enough POE Currency at The new extension will be launched on July 23. You can buy what you want directly in the game. Everything, enhance the strength of your character.