Path of Exile: Royal is only available on weekends

  • With the upcoming launch of Path Of Exile: Expedition, many players are looking forward to it. Players have been calling for the Battle Royale mode. In order to actively respond to the needs of players, Grinding Gear Games also officially announced, April Fool's mode Path of Exile: Royale returns.

    Path of Exile: Royal is a temporary game mode for free action role-playing games, added as a joke on April Fools' Day in 2018. It allowed 100 players to be obsessed with the battle royale era as POE Currency in the last game on a big island. Because this mode is not very balanced, GGG has no plans to make this mode always exist, but he has now launched a new and improved version of Path of Exile: Royal. In the core game of Path Of Exile, there is a POE Currency for players. This mode has additional features and is balanced separately from the core game of Path of Exile.

    This mode can now be used in the game, but only as a test for two days. Then it will be available again on weekends during the new extended league. Grinding Gear Games stated that during this time they will continue to POE Currency Buy based on the players' gaming experience and some reflections on this mode, and will release updates between weekly game sessions. The developers did not bring the Battle Royale game to the console “at this stage”.

    Grinding Gear Games said that even with many players on the PC, it will still take some time to trigger a new Royal Game at certain times of the day in certain areas, and it will significantly exacerbate these problems in the smaller console field. They will look at the situation. This sounds like an experiment. Players like this mode very much. Grinding Gear Games expressed the hope that Battle Royale has a long-term future, but it cannot be guaranteed. Path Of Exile: Expedition will be launched on July 23. Players who love POE can buy POE Currency in advance.