Bless Unleashed Achieved the Feat of Joining the Top 10 Most Pl

  • Bless Unleashed was released on steam on August 6th. In just one week, the game has been well received by players. Available since 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One, the PC version of Bless Unleashed has been desired. However, the wait seemed worth it. The title entered the Steam catalog on August 6, and it has already achieved the feat of joining the Top 10 most played games on the platform.

    The MMO, a style that is on the rise

    On August 9, the game recorded a connection spike bringing together 73,766 simultaneous Bless Unleashed Star Seeds players. This impressive number lifted Bless Unleashed to the 10th most played games yesterday according to SteamDB. If the title already has a community on consoles, the numbers also show an interest of players in new MMORPG experiences in Buy-to-play or Free-to-Play.

    Like Final Fantasy XIV or the recent case of Grand Chase Classic, players are opting for alternatives to the benchmark of the genre: World of Warcraft. Bless Unleashed is part of this momentum and is attracting new heroes, notably through its business model. The game is free-to-play and was heavily streamed when it was launched.

    Thousands of Bless Unleashed players with mixed opinions

    While there are many active players, opinions on the game are more mixed. With a total of 9,415 reviews as of August 10, Bless Unleashed is rated “average” by the community. If the players appreciate the fact that the title is free, they point the finger at its graphics, certain bugs which make it crash but also its paid purchases. Now there are some Bless Unleashed StarSeeds for Sale on z2u site, which will make your game life besome easier.

    In the store, it is possible to purchase Attack Speed ​​​​Buffs or bonuses to earn more cash. A black spot for some, especially as the game forces you to switch to PvP after level 30. However, the game remains very popular with the community. It remains to be seen if the upcoming releases of New World and Lost Ark will be successful.