Rocket League is an improvement on its predecessor

  • Rocket League improves upon its predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars, in a variety of ways, but its Rocket League Trading map layouts aren't particularly diverse. That may not always be the case, however, as developer Psyonix intends to introduce loopy exclusive maps in the future.


    Rocket League's current selection of maps all follow the same basic square format; there are no significant differences between them. SARPBC, on the other hand, performed the round with the map layout included. Utopia, which serves as the inspiration for the first free DLC map for Rocket League, was originally designed in the shape of a horseshoe; in Rocket League update, it is rendered in the more widely known square format.



    When asked by PC Gamer if we'll see more "odd tiers" added to Rocket League, Psyonix CEO Dave Hagewood responded, "Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely."We wanted to start with the standard fields this time because we wanted to make sure that everyone understood what the bottom sport had turned into, and how we envision the standard Rocket League experience to be. We also wanted to sell aggressive play in the game, as well as people who want extremely balanced competitive play and ranked modes, among other things, without adding a lot more noise.