Damage Types in the New World: A Guide

  • New World is a massively multiplayer online game that allows players to construct and survive while engaging in battle against non-player characters (NPCs) and other players (other players).After several weeks, New world coins is still one of the most played games on Steam, proving that it is a huge hit with players.However, one thing that all of these players may not have considered is how different types of damages operate.

    Types of Damage in the buy new world gold
    In New world coins, players can inflict a variety of different types of damage on NPCs and other players by employing a variety of weapons, skills, and upgrades.There are two types of damage: physical and non-physical, and NPCs in the game can be resistant to certain types of damage depending on their level of training.The following are all of the combined damage types in New World:

    Types of Physical Damage in the buy new world gold
    Basic weapons such as swords and axes are responsible for the majority of physical damage in New world coins.Players can switch between different buy new world gold weapons in order to deal different types of damage to their opponents.

    When you Slash with great ax or a hatchet or a rapier or a sword, you deal 20% more damage to the Angry Earth and -15% more damage to the Ancient Guardians.
    +10% damage to The Lost and Drowned and +20% damage to Ancient Guardians are dealt by War Hammers, while -15% damage is dealt to The Corrupted Thrust by War Hammers.
    Armor piercing weapons such as bows, muzzleloaders, spears, and some swords deal +20% damage to the Corrupted and +20% damage to Beasts, while dealing -15% damage to the Angry Earth as well as -15% damage to the Lost and Drowned
    Types of Non-Physical Damage in the New World
    Some of the best builds in Cheap new world gold require players to have a diverse set of abilities and damage types in order to avoid being at a disadvantage at any time.This includes the use of non-physical or magical damage types as well as physical damage types.The players who are currently in the game are as follows:

    Damage to The Corrupted Void is increased by 30%. Damage to Ancient Guardians is increased by 15%. Damage to The Corrupted Void is increased by 40%. Damage to The Corrupted and -40% Damage to The Lost and Drowned Fire is increased by 30%. Damage to The Angry Earth is increased by 30%. Damage to Ancient Guardians is increased by 40%.

    Ice is a substance that can be used to cool things down.Increased damage to the Lost and Drowned, as well as a -40% damage increase to the Corrupted Lightning
    - Ancient Guardians suffer +30% damage, while The Angry Earth Nature suffers -40% damage. - The Corrupted suffer +15% damage, while The Lost and Drowned suffer +30% damage.

    While some of these damage types are more viable for the best PvE and best PvP builds in New World than others, players will want to make sure that they have a good spread of damage types available, especially if they plan to take on some Corrupted. This is especially important when taking on some Corrupted.