It appears that New World has lost approximately half of its pl

  • Cheap new world gold, Amazon's new massively multiplayer online game, has reportedly lost more than half of its player base just a month after launching on PC.

    Even though SteamCharts reached an impressive all-time concurrent peak of just shy of a million players on the 3rd of October, Forbes noted that the numbers have taken a slight dip, with the concurrent rate dropping by approximately 135,000 players every week since launch.

    As of last week, the MMO had a concurrent player count of 508,000, which was roughly half of what it had been at the beginning of the month, according to the company.

    While it's true that declining player numbers are not uncommon in the first few weeks after a game's release, the fact that cheap new world coins is an MMO suggests that it should have a more stable playerbase than singleplayer narrative games, which some players may only play for a week or two before abandoning and moving on to something else.

    It's safe to say that the decline isn't the result of a single problem as much as new world gold for sale is the result of a series of issues, such as when Amazon's own incorrect information incorrectly informed players that transfers would be possible after the studio itself asked them to join servers with low wait times while it worked on increasing the population caps of existing servers.