NBA 2K22 scores for Udonis Haslem and Gabe Vincent on the Miami

  • NBA 2K22 will be released on September 13, 2021. So far, every member of the Miami Heat

    in the 2K21 list has received an annual score.

    Checking the scores earned by each player in each season is the best part of NBA 2K.

    People like to pay attention to the ratings of their favorite players, and if they don’

    t meet their expectations, they may feel frustrated.

    In this offseason, because the Miami Heat did a lot of different moves, many new faces

    appeared on their roster. With the emergence of these new faces, a new set of 2K ratings

    will also be born.

    In NBA 2K22, what is the rating of each Miami Heat player? Is 2K's estimate of them high

    or low?

    Udonis Haslem – 70

    Udonis Haslem's performance in the NBA is not like Buy NBA 2K22 MT a real player, more like a substitute

    player and coach, so Udonis Haslem entered the NBA in a formal way.

    In this season of the year, he may appear in the same role. 70 points is very generous

    for him, but they may not let him down in the 1960s.

    Gabe Vincent – ​​71

    Up to now, Gabe Vincent has performed well in the Nigeria Olympics, but he has not been

    confirmed in the NBA. The most important point is that he may appear NBA 2K22 MT in the NBA in a

    more important role.

    If nothing else, Vincent may appear in the Miami Heat as the main backup point guard. 71

    seems to be 2K's evaluation of him, but if he plays well, his rating may improve.

    In the future, I will continue to introduce the ratings of other members of the Miami

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