The current state of New World frustrated Asmongold

  • The status quo of Amazon's upcoming MMO New World is called "boring" and "pathetic" by popular Twitch anchors.

    Because of its "boring" battle, Streamer has a lot of criticisms of MMO, as Dexerto reported. He described that in PvP mode, it only requires players to "stand in front of someone and click on them over and over again."

    What also disappointed him was the battle of an AI enemy. He gave an example that disappointed him, explaining that the behavior of the 63-level crocodile is exactly the same as the behavior of the 11-level crocodile.

    "Because the mob variety is very sad, in order to make them look different, re-skin some mobs, this is their solution." Asmongold continued. "Well, they do exactly the same thing, so they are the same NPC."

    "You want to have someone encounter enemies and not be able to beat New World Coins them, and then have an extremely skilled player be able to beat them. I think New World really just doesn’t have that."

    Asmongold believes that the game still has "a lot of potential", so he Buy New World Coins finally ended his criticism in a positive way. According to feedback, Amazon also postponed the release of New World from the end of this month to September.

    "Even though New World has a lot of problems that make me feel frustrated, I still have confidence in this game. Because they listened to the feedback, even if I have complaints about some of them, they are making the game better." He Continue to say. "I don't think it's ready yet, but the enthusiasm of the development studio to accept feedback makes me have full confidence in this game.

    Asmongold is one of the most influential anchors on MMO, he has more than 2 million fans on Twitch. His fame is due to the streaming World of Warcraft, and the Square Enix MMO recently received a large number of new players, probably because he jumped to Final Fantasy XIV, which broke its record of concurrent players on Steam.

    In New World, getting more New World Coins is one of the main goals of every player, but this process often takes a long time. As a professional seller, will make it easier for players to experience the fun of the game.