NBA 2K22 New MyTeam Details

  • Last year, Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K series experienced difficulties as it switched to a new generation of hardware and tried to satisfy the previous generation of users. For NBA 2K22, the mission has not changed: both the new generation and the current version are under development, with additional features to maintain players’ investment in both hardware. “This year we have two more unique experiences,” said executive producer Erick Boenisch. “We made two brand new games again. This is something I think is very reliable. Last year it worked well for us; our fans resonated with the unique experiences they can play.”

    After unveiling the main cover athlete Luca Doncic and other special covers, Visual Concepts finally unveiled the prologue of “NBA 2K22”, providing information through Courtside Reports. In addition, we also took part in a demonstration by the Visual Concepts team, which introduced more additional features and answered some questions. This is what we currently know.

    Visual Concepts promise to make more impactful changes on both sides of the game. Last year, Visual Concepts focused on improving NBA 2K22 MT, allowing you to change the dribbling speed and adjust the size of the ball. NBA 2K22 will make more improvements to this key area of the game to provide a unique feel and rhythm when resizing, tighter navigation, and a significantly faster overall rhythm.

    Because of some new moves on the court and a new shooting gauge, the action should also feel a little different. On the offensive end, the goal is to give players more control over how they score. There are also some improvements in the late game, including new moves and new back-to-basket moves. The new R2/RT fakes allow you to link multiple fakes together to keep the defender’s guess, and the new face-up disengagement action, new jump shots/gradients/hooks and better chair pull mechanisms are you provide more options for success.

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